The Weisstronauts
Instrumental Twang Surf Psych Spy Rock for the 22nd Century

Upcoming shows:

Saturday November 18, 2017
Midway Cafe
Jamaica Plain MA
A benefit show for the Tedrock Fund! We're psyched to share the stage with The Surf Riders, Samantha & Tony Goddess, and members of the Silver Lining. Doors 9pm, 'Nauts 11:30pm.  More info at the Facebook event page HERE.

Sunday December 10, 2017
19th Annual Weisstronauts Holiday Jubilee!
Atwoods Tavern
Cambridge MA
It's our 19th (yes NINETEENTH!) annual Holiday Jubilee! And, like last year, it's gonna be a 4pm matinee -- perfect for early-to-bedders, youngsters, day-drinkers, and just generally busy-around-the-holidays folks!
This tradition of ours goes way back to 1999 -- we sing (yes, SING -- rare for an instrumental band!) mostly twisted holiday-flavored tunes and try to have different musical guests every year. It is magical and light-hearted! We have also done our best to host the show at a different venue (not always possible!) every year. We had such a great time at Atwood's Tavern last year, we decided to do it again!
This year's musical walk-on guests will include singers Hayley Thompson-King, Selena Tan (of Hillbilly Holiday), Mel Weiss, guitarists Neal Spaulding (of Sool) and George Hall (a full-time Weisstronaut from a few years back), drummer extraordinaire Jeff "Dandy Bells" Berlin (our regular drummer from circa 2003-2006) and probably others!
Music starts at 4pm and goes till 6pm, a true matinee... come by, enjoy the festive-ness, and still have the rest of the evening free to hang out and discuss what a great show it was!
More info and historical photos HERE:
Also more info at the Facebook event page HERE.

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New full-length album "Flat Bottom Cold Greaser" released and available on Bandcamp or shows!

The 3rd in our "Live in the studio, in Memphis" EPs is out!  Check out In Memphis 3 on Bandcamp, or pick up a CD copy at one of our shows.

Our long-in-production deluxe, collectible 12-song vinyl LP, bundled with a 27-song CD, "Control Is In Your Command: The Best Of The Weisstronauts 1999-2012" is available! All songs completely re-mastered from the ground up (specifically & separately for vinyl LP & CD.) Includes two previously unreleased songs, plus a newly remixed song. Details and the ability to purchase this are now on our LISTEN/BUY page. You WON'T regret it!

Pete has been busy producing, and playing guitar with, the fantastic Hayley Thompson-King. Here's a video from a recent in-studio performance.

Pete, Nate, Jeff & Kenny have been moonlighting with NYC-based Jack Grace Band, and its spin-off Van Hayride (yes, a country-tinged Van Halen tribute band!) The latter recently toured as opening act for Puss N Boots. Keep an eye out for these 'Nauts members to pop up now and then with Jack and VHR.

Back in the 1990's the 'Nauts "forefathers" were known as Pete Weiss & the Rock Band. They put out a couple of subversive, wildly diverse rock albums before calling it quits (and morphing into what eventually became the Weisstronauts.) Well, in October of 2012 they reunited in the studio and created a new 10-song album. And it's quite good... possibly their best work. Check out the amazingly detailed shot-for-shot remake video of PW&RB's version of Tracey Ullman's "They Don't Know" HERE.

Recent Press/Quotes:

Some nice coverage of our July 2015 show at Luthier's Co-op HERE.

The good folks at Foam Totem understand what we're all about!

"Please do not disregard my mind-blowing experience caused by your music...The fact that the Weisstronauts didn't exist 25 years ago should be considered an embarrassment to all musicians."
- Brendan Curtis, co-owner/chef, Plough & Stars

"Then there’s the Weisstronauts, who toss major surf rock influences into a blender with everything else they’ve ever even sort of liked and pull out songs built on combinations that look insane on paper but absolutely kill once you hear them."
- Richard Bouchard, Boston Band Crush 9/15/2010

"Wish I could play with you guys more often than once in a lifetime. Definitely the most fun I've ever had in a band."
- Doug Yule (ex-Velvet Underground) following the 2006 tour

"You guys were the best thing EVER!"
- Mitch Easter, artist (Let’s Active, Sneakers) & producer (REM, Velvet Crush, Game Theory, Pavement) following a 2008 show at the Rock ‘n’ Bowl in New Orleans

"You guys are better than Maiden"
- Paul Logus, producer/engineer (P. Diddy, Pantera, Mary J. Blige, Notorious BIG, the Barnies) stopping by the Rodeo Bar in NYC after an Iron Maiden concert

"You guys were totally way better than Maiden"
- Paul’s friend Sean (no, not Combs) in agreement

"If there’s such a thing as a forward-thinking surf band, Boston’s The Weisstronauts are it. Avoiding the purism that makes so many instrumental retro-fetishists seem redundant, The Weisstronauts combine vintage surf and Nashville chicken-pickin’ with cartoon zaniness and spaghetti Western intrigue. They often recall NRBQ’s offbeat musical humor as much as Link Wray’s reverb-drenched Tarantino fodder."
- Jack Silverman, Nashville Scene

The wonderfully-monikered Mojo Flucke recently interviewed Pete for Popdose. They chatted about the creative process, garage rock, monkeys with fezes, etc. Check it out HERE.

There's a sweet review of Instrotainment! on Epinions HERE.

New England Music Scrapbook News interviewed Pete Weiss about the Weisstronauts and Verdant Studio. Interview is HERE, about a third down the page.

Pete Weiss was interviewed by C.C. DiGuardia in Northeast Performer magazine and by John Clarkson in the U.K. webzine Pennyblackmusic.